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Publication Policy

Events Albany Publications

Purpose of the Events Albany Publications. The Events Albany E-Newsletter and Government Access Channel 16 are provided as a service of the City of Albany, Georgia to neighborhood groups, community organizations, and other not-for-profit groups providing services to citizens of Dougherty County.

Scope of Announcements.  Announcements that advocate political, religious, social or other causes are beyond the scope of all Events Albany publications. Events Albany is designed and made available to provide information to the public addressing community issues and events.

Acceptable events shall be appropriate to all, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, or other factors. Examples of unacceptable events contain nudity/pornography, adult and/or hate language and will be strictly prohibited.   

Editing of Announcements. The City reserves the right to edit announcements for purposes of grammar, spelling, understanding, and brevity, but will not intentionally change the substance of the announcement.

Municipality Neutral in All Announcements. Inclusion or exclusion of a matter from any Events Albany publication does not indicate any position taken by the City or County on any issue. The Events Albany E-Newsletter and Government Access Channel 16 are provided as a service to persons interested in involvement in community affairs.

Errors. The City will try to provide accurate information. However, persons asking to publicize events do so holding the City harmless from any error that may be made in the posting of an announcement. In no event will the City of Albany or Dougherty County be responsible for any damages arising from a misprint or other error. When errors are reported to the City, the best effort will be taken to correct the error within a reasonable time. 

Contact. If you have any questions, please contact the Web Administrator at 229.438.3988 or by e-mail at

The following criteria is used to advertise events:

  • The event must be held in the City of Albany or Dougherty County and be open to the general public.
  • The event should be Non-political, non-commercial, non-religious.  (Exceptions may be made for events held in the City of Albany venues).
  • Typically, we will gladly promote organizations’ signature events.
  • This is a community-building public service for the citizens of the City of Albany and Dougherty County.
  • We reserve the right to edit or omit content.
  • We do not guarantee that we will publicize the event; sometimes, other responsibilities limit our ability to provide this service.
  • This community service is provided at a nominal expense to taxpayers. Do you find it to be valuable to your organization? If so, tell us.

If you wish to submit a community event, click here....