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Plans, Ordinances & Regulations:

Comprehensive Plan 2016-2026

Recreational Trail Plans
- Flint River Trails Master Plan and Implementation Study
        - 11" X 17" Fold-Out Maps
  - Albany-Sasser Rail Trail Corridor Study, Branding, and Implementation Study

Address Ordinance

Albany/Dougherty Zoning Ordinance:
- Title I General Provisions and Definitions
- Title II District Regulations and Requirements
- Title III Miscellaneous Regulations
Table II.2.01 and II.2.02 Zoning Tables
Zoning Illustrations 
- GIS Web Map (Includes Zoning Districts)

Albany/Dougherty Zoning Ordinance Updates (City of Albany):

-Community Residence Regulations
- Old Northside District Overlay
- Parking and Storage of Commercial Vehicles in Residential Districts Ordinance
Religious Institutions, Auxiliary Ministries, Social Fraternal Organizations (City of Albany)
Riverfront Overlay District
     Riverfront Illustrations 
Adoption Ordinance 
    Ordinance 14-101 (Amendment)

Walls and Fences (City of Albany)
- Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance

Albany Design Guidelines
Clean Air (City of Albany)
Clean Air (State of GA)
Comprehensive Plan 2016-2026
Construction Code
Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan 2014
    2016 Albany Dougherty Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Progress Report
   2017 Albany Dougherty Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan Annual Progress Report
Floodplain Ordinance (City of Albany)
    Ordinance (12-119) Amendment
Floodplain Ordinance (Dougherty County)
    Ordinance Amendments 6-17-2013
Historic Ordinance
    Historic Ordinance Update (May 24, 2011)
Ordinance Adopting and Enacting a New Code for the City of Albany 
Providing Accessibility and Usability for Physically Handicapped People
Reasonable Accommodation (City of Albany)
Solar Ordinance
Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance (City of Albany)
Sign Ordinance (City of Albany)
    Existing Billboard Inventory
Sign Ordinance (Dougherty County)
Subdivision Regulations 2000 - 2006    
    Subdivision Appendix Table 1A
    Subdivision Appendix Table 1B
2010 Urban Redevelopment Plan
- 2011 Amendment to 2010 Urban Redevelopment Plan

2012 URP/Opportunity Zone Extension Map
Opportunity Zone Designation
Vacant Building Ordinance 

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